September 3, 2009

Wall St. Journal Article on How to get Hired

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Sounds like there is an excruciating amount of MBA grads who need to learn humility.  It is unfathomable that an MBA grad, or anyone else for that matter, would walk into a job interview and not know simple facts about the company they “want” to work for.  Researching the company at hand is a simple step we can all take to be more prepared the day of the big interview.  It is an aspect of the interview process that is controllable on our part, unlike some of the curveballs interviewers may throw at us.    

While earning an MBA is a tremendous step in continuing education and furthering one’s career, it certainly is not a golden ticket to the big league.  Most top-level executives have worked their way up the ladder, over time.  As graduates, we cannot expect to be treated differently or better than anyone else.  And for gosh sakes, we CANNOT walk in anywhere with an attitude!

Especially this day in age, having an MBA is not a rare achievement among professionals.  The job market today is very thin and competitive, so more and more people are going back to school just to keep up with the expectations.  Employeers not only want an individual with extended schooling and both soft and hard skills, but they also want a human.  “Mr. Aisenbrey urges students to be more honest about how they dealt with trials in their lives, and business schools to highlight examples of business executives who continued to prosper in their companies even after things didn’t go well.”  Empoyeers want someone who is relatable, because nobody is perfect; it’s more about how well professionals can pick up the pieces after something goes wrong, live to tell about it, and learn from it.


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  1. Dilip said,

    Nice to read this post on MBA grads and the need for humility. I have put up a blog on Interview tips for MBA grads. You may like to see it and share your thoughts.


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