September 3, 2009

Wall St. Journal Article on MBA Skills

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How does one teach leadership?  Lead by example is one obvious action, but the student must practice, practice, practice.  Real-world experience will accelerate leadership skills, more so than any school can teach us.  Classes that utilize teamwork skills will bring out natural leaders, but can be uncomfortable (yet helpful) to students who are not as well versed in communications or, “soft” skills. 

Coming from a background that encompasses the skills this article claims are becoming more and more important in MBA programs, it feels very common knowledge.  However, envy is the only word to describe the feelings I tend to have toward the more analitical minds that crank out  finance or accounting problems with ease. 

“We need a combination of strong analytical and interpersonal skills, plus an ability to cope with ambiguity and remain composed in stressful situations.”  The combination of these skills is what will make a well-rounded MBA grad who is ready to perform on the job.  Speaking of stressful situations, the very test needed to be accepted into any MBA program is heavily weighted in quantitative knowledge.  The article seems contradictory to this fact, yet this test cannot be bypassed.  With a healthy mix of both “soft” and “hard” skills, an MBA student will be as prepared as they can be before entering the business world outside of the classroom.


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