September 3, 2009

Walmart and Girlscout Cookies: Thin-Minty Gate by Bob Sutton

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:16 pm by ctennert

Wow, I am blogging about a blog that references another blog in his blog.  Bob Sutton complains about how Walmart is trying Girlscout cookie knockoffs on for size in their store.  Meanwhile, they have the actual  Girlscout girls setting up camp outside their walls to sell the real deal to Walmart customers entering and exiting the store.  It is very under-handed of Walmart to offer the knockoffs at a cheaper price inside their doors, because everyone knows that when you buy an authentic box of delicious Girlscout cookies, you are contributing to a good cause.  It is not surprising Walmart would do something like this; I know more people that hate Walmart than people who hate doing their taxes.  My own mother refuses to shop Walmart because of their conglomerate ways, crowded isles, and less than friendly staff. 

The most important issue in this article is the community responsibility Walmart carries.  (Or lack thereof in this case).  It is in bad taste to go into direct competition with an organization they work closely with in order to provide a safe place for these girls to fund-raise.  In communities where Walmart is already established, their profits exceed that of the local Girlscout troop by a disgusting amount.  This truly is an act out of pure greed.  And besides, if Walmart really wanted to make a profit off these faux Girlscout cookies, they would offer a Carmel DeLite knockoff.  Mmm..


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