September 9, 2009

10 Ways to be a Great Follower by Dan McCarthy

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:40 pm by ctennert

It really is pounded into our heads to become great leaders.  We strive to be the best, always.  How do we get there?  Start with becoming great “followers.”  Every point made in this article is a good one.. oldies but goodies if you will!  And very true/great advice.  We already know these things are important, and most points just touch on how to maintain professionalism in the workplace.  We have all had managers we don’t agree with, or co-workers we would like to strangle at times, so this article really brings it back down to earth.  Also, a great point was to do something you love for a living.  In this economy, I think some people do not have the luxury of doing whatever that is at the moment.. but I remain optimistic (like the article states), that most people eventually will find peace in their professional lives.  Thanks for the positive notes.


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