September 9, 2009


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According to this professional-personality test, I am an intuitive, perceptive type. 

This means I am most often than not:  aware of new challenges and possibilities, I focus on how things could be improved, I dislike doing the same thing repeatedly, and I enjoy learning new skills.  I also work in bursts of energy powered by enthusiasm with slack periods in between, leap to conclusions quickly, and I follow my inspirations and hunches.  I may get the facts a bit wrong, dislike taking time for precision, can – a task, and I ask why things are as they are.  In addition, I do not mind leaving things open for last-minute changes, I adapt well to changing situations, I may have trouble making decisions, feeling I never have enough information, I may start too many projects and have difficulty in finishing them, and I may postpone unpleasant jobs.  I want to know all about a new job.  I also get a lot accomplished at the last minute under pressure of deadline, and I use lists as reminders of all the things I have to do someday. 

Most of these assumptions ring true to my personality and work type.  A few do not.  I will discuss the ones that do not, because everything else you have read above, is definately me. 

The main point that needs clarifing when interpreting my personality score, is that of disliking taking time for precision in the things I am trying to accomplish.  I think this statement goes hand in hand with another statement that I agreed with very much, in that I may have problems making decisions, feeling as if I never have enough info to ultimately make them.  This is due to the fact that I do take time out for precision, sometimes too much time, and it is hard for me to let go of a project, always wanting to leave it open to changes.  These traits all apply to me when I am interested in a certain project, because I tend to procrastinate when it comes to tasks I deem as unpleasant.


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