September 10, 2009

USA Today Article on Flirting at Work

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:57 pm by ctennert

Finally, this article is more up my ally.  If you read my last post,  Women in the Workplace, you know I do not condone flirting at work to “get ahead.”  

I truly believe that if a woman is dressing too provocatively in the workplace, and is essencially leading men on, she should not be rewarded for her behavior that is really a form of sexual harassment. 

I do not think Donald Trump is a reliable source on this topic either, because he heads up multiple beauty pageant organizations to this day.  Pageants that judge women on how they look in bathing suits and evening gowns is completely outdated, and I cannot believe women still volunteer for this mockery, and that these shows are still on primetime air twice a year.  Donald, your wig is crooked. 

I do, however, still believe chivalry exists.  It is perfectly fine to let men open doors, or help women with a heavy box.  I do not believe this shows women as weak-minded, maybe our biceps are just a tad smaller.  And guys, no offense, but you really do think every women that looks at you or talks to you probably “wants” you.  No, we don’t.


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