September 10, 2009

Women in the Workplace

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As a real-life woman in the workplace, it is sort of embarrasing to me that we even need to have this conversation.  However, this article was a great eye-opener.  I truly believe women and men should be treated equally in the workplace, and everywhere else.  I know we have a ways to go, but steps in the right direction are being taken.  Women do occupy many high-powered positions in business, and why wouldn’t they?  While I know men and women are very different creatures, one sex is not smarter than the other as a whole and therefor should be treated indifferently. 

According to this article, women are really playing up their sexuality in the workplace to make gains.  Yes, it is okay to be friendly to both female and male co-workers, but I absolutly agree with the author that actual flirting has no place in the cubicle- it belongs at the bar.  One woman states that she will feed off other people’s (men’s) attitudes when in meetings or interviews.  For example, if he is older and more tight-collared, follow suit.  If he is younger and more casual, you can mirror this attitude, but do not cross the flirting line.  I think this is okay, because in life everyone and every situation is different, and as humans, we are constantly trying to relate to one another.       

It is astounding that females are actually crying in the workplace.  Mr. Farrell states:  “If she tends to flirt or use TEARS, he knows he can easily be manipulated.”   Playing off of other people’s pity for you is a very fake and horrible thing in my eyes.  Just because women tend to be more emotional than men, again, this does not have a place in the office.  I do not want to be treated differently than any of my male counterparts, just because I wear skirts and blouses.  If women are getting special treatment simply because they are women, and sending out inappropriate signals, I believe this is reverse discrimination.


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