September 15, 2009

Wall St. Journal Article UA Pilot

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United American should really commend this pilot for going above and beyond his job duties every single time he flies.  Even though Pilot Flanagan flies with one of the worst airlines for customer complaints, mishandled baggage, and not-so on time flights, he makes the best of the environment he can control when at work.

Capt. Flanagan’s attitude could be used in all aspects of business, not just the airline industry.  Everything we do can be improved upon, such as going the extra mile for a client with flair, putting additional research hours or thought into a project, or simply by treating people with care and compassion on a regular basis.  It is clearly not this pilot’s job to entertain United American’s passengers or help them recover luggage, but he does it anyway because HE IS HIS OWN BRAND.  He may switch airlines in his career, but his work ethic and good attitude will follow him wherever he goes.  For many of us, where we work does not define us.


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