September 17, 2009

Wall St. Journal Article Rules of Engagement

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:35 am by ctennert

This article explores failing teamwork on the grandest scale possible.  Currently, many NATO countries participating in the war in Afghanistan are regulated by various caveats, when they really should be operating uniformly and contributing equally under the command of NATO and the ISAF.    

The countries that have their forces operating under caveats claim they want to fight the war against terror in Afghanistan, but are very limited in what they can and will do while overseas.  The article states that this problem is “grave” enough that some countries have donated very little money for hardware, etc. that OTHER countries may use in Afghanistan because they can’t due to their current restrictions with the caveats.  So little money in fact, that the amount made no difference at all.  Obviously not that grave of a situation. 

This article proves that not all participating members of a team will all perform equally.  This could be due to lack of motivation, knowledge, skills or materials.  Whatever the case may be, (NATO countries working together to fight the war on terror in this case), it just shows that individuals or groups will claim they want to help out and contribute to the team, but when it comes down to actually doing it, or, the “nitty gritty” if you will,  a surprising amount of participants are not willing to put in the legwork and ‘fight the fight’ for the greater good.


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