September 23, 2009

WSJ Article on Two Football Coaches have a lot to Teach Screaming Managers

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:27 am by ctennert

Leading by example is the best way to be a great coach or manager. In turn, great coaches and managers typically have great teams.  Hopefully screaming CEOs and managers are becoming less and less tolerated, because this is no way to motivate anyone when productivity is expected.  High turnover due to incompetent or fiery-tempered managers will surely lead to a company’s demise.  Constantly having to hire and train new employees is a great way to waste time when current employees could have been salvaged by treating them with common human decency.  Employees with seniority and longevity are great commodities to organizations, and should be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.  I could not believe the story about the attorney actually throwing a heavy law book at an employee.  I’m not a lawyer, but, thank god he missed because that could result in a lawsuit?? 

Throwing tantrums does not belong in the workplace, no matter how heated managers or CEOs get over something that went wrong.  If anything, people in positions of authority should be the ones setting examples, not acting like teenagers.  Trust me, employees know who their managers are and respect their position without the managers feeling the need to scream as a way to establish authority.  And no, I do not think the average employee in any line of work expects to be screamed at by their bosses.


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