September 24, 2009

Case Study: SWA

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Ok, we get it!  Southwest Airlines is an incredible company to work for!  Just like the HR experts who interviewed several SWA employees at the airport, I too was skeptical that an airline could be so exceptional in every important aspect of business.  They are the industry leader in profit and customer satisfaction, and they treat their employees with respect and dignity. 

Whenever I am searching for a flight, Southwest always ends up being my choice.  The reason is low price, and convenience.  After reading the history about how SWA came about, it further solidifies my choice.  This company sounds too good to be true, but it really does seem like they do everything stated in this case, based upon my experience flying with them dozens of times.  I kept searching and searching for a catch in this study, but there was none.  This reading really was enlightening, because there is hope out there for companies who treat their employees less than satisfactory.  (Note to all screaming managers out there). 

I would absolutely love to work for someone like Herb, as I am sure many people would.  It just goes to show that what you put into a company, i.e., the way you treat your employees, is what you will get out of the company.  Good in, Good out.  The HR Dept., or “People Department” is ideal.  It was interesting that they do not hire many MBA graduates, don’t condone additional training outside their own HR Dept., and that they prefer to hire people with no airline experience, vs. industry veterans.  SWA is more interested in hiring someone who is a good fit with the company, and meshes well with current employees, rather than someone who has extended schooling but could be an introvert, for example.  Whatever they are doing in that “family” is obviously working!


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