September 24, 2009

Jesica’s Story

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Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong with Jesica’s operation, did.  The poor thing wasn’t even given a proper chance at life due to all the mistakes and “over looks” her so-called support system made.  It wasn’t just one horrible thing that went wrong, but a number of mishaps that included a number of people and organizations. 

In more cases than not, when mistakes are made, the organization or system is to blame rather than any one person.  People are always wanting to place blame on someone or some group of people when a an unfortunate event happens.  Jesica’s death was explained as a “series of missed opportunities.”  All persons and systems involved in this case were not careful enough when overlooking Jesica’s condition, and this resulted in a girl losing her life.  In another reaction to this case, a surgeon from a different hospital stated that “We’ve done 600 and some lung transplants here and we’ve never had a problem.”  Just because problems are few and far between, does not mean you can be slack.  Organizations, especially hospitals dealing in human life, cannot assume catastrophe won’t happen.  The whole process seemed very “matter of fact” to me, like this procedure was no big deal.  It also felt very rushed. 

It is unfortunate that Jesica’s family wants to place sole blame on the surgeon.  Yes, the surgeon was a major player, but a series of precautions could have been made before the doctor even stepped foot into the operating room.  Hopefully, hospitals and organ donor representatives have tightened up their policies in light of Jesica’s case.  This particular case received a lot of media attention, but it does not mean this is the only case out there of it’s kind.


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