October 1, 2009

Get Rid of the Performance Review!

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:20 am by ctennert

I am in strong agreeance that managers should employ an open-door policy for their employees, and constantly work at the relationship at hand rather than base an entire year of work on one review.  It absolutely is a power game, that ends up creating tension between the manager and subordinate more times than not if a “bad” review is administered.  Nobody wins in this situation, because the subordinate will likely feel anger and resentment toward the manager, resulting in less productivity and job satisfaction. 

I really like the recommendations in this article, which is basically a counter-system to the traditional one-year review.  He calls them previews, because they are two-sided versus one.  This approach actually would promote communication, teamwork, and in turn, better productivity and job satisfaction among subordinates versus the feeling of being blindsided by an annual review.  All year long employees should be working toward getting better at, growing and learning their positions, with help from an open-communicator for a manager.  I agree that managers should be held responsible for their employees performance through training, feedback and teamwork.

At my place of business, the managers do have an open-door policy, so the manditory annual review’s content does not really come as a shock.  The only reason why I request an annual review is to see whether or not I am getting a raise, which I am sure could be handled differently without the review.


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