October 1, 2009

Specialty Medical Chemicals

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This was an insightful look into a large corporation’s big players and how they function and contribute to the big picture.  The article was lacking a summary date sheet for the CEO, however, which would have helped and been interesting.  Carl feels as though his officers are operating independently from one another, therefore not syncing in the name of the greater good, ie. Specialty Medical Chemicals as a whole.

Carl felt the need to hire an outside consultant, Laura, to ultimately consult him on how to handle his team.  This was a real eye-opener when she put her analytical skills to use for SMC.  It is unfortunate that Carl could not come to some sound conclusions on his own, during his period of constant movement, getting to know the company and personnel.  Hiring a consultant cannot be cheap.  Maybe Carl did not know what he was getting himself into, and at one point blamed the headhunter agency that set him up in this position! 

The case was left inconclusive in my opinion, because it did not explore results and measure productivity after the restructure.  I would be interested to know how Laura’s conclusions about the SMC officers swayed Carl’s actions upon her exit.  Carol was dealing with was seven different personality and management styles.  SMC employed people with everything from high-mach traits, to people who were introverted.  Some managers had internal locus of control, some had external locus of control.  When you get seven high-powered people together, results will vary between department responsibilities, etc.  but ideally every man or woman working for an organization is looking at the same light at the end of the tunnel.


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