October 22, 2009

Good to Great, or Just Good?

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:39 am by ctennert

The writers of this article should come out with their own best-seller, because they sure did have a lot to say about Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great.  They critique his research methods, and his findings, but they are not countering the book with their own, which I think they should.  They did not agree with the 11 companies Collins chose to examine, and claimed went from good to great companies based on five different management principles. 

This article argues that Collins had no legitimate data to back up his choices for the top 11 businesses who went good to great.  The article writers do not agree with his use, or misuse, of data mining.  They believe Collins began this project with a theory to prove, instead of just conducting unbiased research and analyzing the results. 

I wonder why this book was so popular, if his research is not legitimate?  I suppose it is a little too convenient that these companies just happened to have characteristics between them that are alike in all 5 catagories Collins points out.  Collins does not mention anything about other Fortune 500 companies, so what about them?  They may possess the 5 characteristics, but we wouldn’t know that from the findings in his book.  Again, the writers of this article should come out with their own best seller, written for the common American, and possibly supercede Collins’ findings.


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