October 22, 2009

Indepth: Iraq

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:55 am by ctennert

This article was really difficult to read.  I already do not possess the utmost of faith for our government policies, so to read about our methods for intelligence-gathering before the War in Iraq was really disheartening. 

The intelligence community suffered from what they call group think, in that they pretty much had an idea or theory from the get-go, and were dead-set on skewing the research to prove that theory.  In this case, it was concerning whether or not Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, which they ended up not having, but the US went to war with their country anyway because of group think syndrome. 

However, the article states that the decision to declare on Iraq pre-dated the intelligence.  This administration was ass-backwards, and did not even operate as a whole.  This is due solely to poor management, on a grand scale.  If the analysts would have been adequately supervised and if management fully considered alternatives to the arguments, perhaps the Bush Administration would have made different choices.


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