November 4, 2009

WSJ Article on Lt. Withers

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:37 pm by ctennert

What a heart-warming article.  It just goes to show the good in people is still present, and is expressed many different ways.  These men found common ground and companionship in the most hostile, negative, and violate time in history:  WWII and the holocaust. 

Lt. Withers took in two men during the holocaust and made them his friends; really took them under his wing.  They felt as though they had commonalities with being discriminated against, Lt. Withers being black, and the two Jewish survivors from the Holocaust, and therefore found peace in eaachother’s company.  Another story/movie about maintaining a positive attitude during the Holocaust in particular, is Life Is Beautiful.  The two Jewish survivors reminded me of the character in this film, and I admire their attitude toward life.

In the workplace, no matter how bad you think you have it, others probably have had it worse.  Having a positive attitude is a choice.  You can choose to get wrapped up in negativity easily.  It is more challenging, I feel, to maintain a happy outlook.  The two Jewish concentration camp survivors really set an example in my mind of how we should all try to make the best of the situations we are in.


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