November 5, 2009

New Wine, Old Bottles

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:03 pm by ctennert

This article at first reminded me of the article I read on “Teaching Smart People How to Learn,” in that it really touches on executives who are in positions of power, and do not demonstrate the best leadership tactics all the time, because they are basically stuck in their ways.  Just like the cliche, You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, the title of this article is appropriately fitting.

I love the author’s saying that, “The latest artifact of modern-day bloodletting in management is performance appraisal.”  Every article I have read on the topic has concurred with this concept.  It sounds like there are a lot of frustrated employees out there who more or less strongly dislike their managers, and the systems set forth by their place of employment.

Effective managers who are highly respected  by their subordinates and peers, and therefore enjoy longer tenure, employ servant leadership.  What a great concept; the leader takes the position of a servant to his or her employees.  (Use of the word servant used loosely in the article).  In essence, the manager is no longer the one controlling, directing, or judging.  The emphasis is placed on his or her employees to take initiative for these concepts.  Therefore, the employees are tougher on themselves, and have more vested interest in what is going on.  The leader is then only used as a resource, when absolutely necessary.

I liked the mention of the company Saturn in this article.  I personally own a Saturn, and it is not the most beautiful car on the road.  However, I chose to give them my business because they have such a great reputation.  They are not sales bullies, and they genuinely care about their customer’s satisfaction.  I now know due to this article that they use servant leadership.


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