November 6, 2009

Good Leadership Requires Executives to Put Themselves Last

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:57 am by ctennert

Oh no, Mr. Leven.  I sympathize with you.  Day’s Inn was Mr. Leven’s baby, yet he sold it to two delinquents.  Why did he keep overseeing his baby, as he puts it, instead of giving up control to people who obviously did not care for the business like he did, and therefore are criminals now due to fraud and conspiracy charges?

I do respect Mr. Leven for making the choices he did make when things began to go south, because he always kept his cool, dignity and good business practices.  He did what was ethical, and stood by his convictions. 

Ken Freeman also sounds like a stand-up gentleman, agreeing that CEOs often mistakenly believe they are entitled to enormous rights and benefits, just because they are in fact, CEOs.  There is a label for this, it’s called The Dean’s Disease. 

CEO’s and top managers should not accept huge compensation packages when they are cutting the pay of their employees.  Good leaders put their employee’s needs before their own.  If they didn’t, the eventually would not have good employees that stick around.


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