November 9, 2009

Treadway Tire Company

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:53 am by ctennert

There is a huge disconnect between the workers and the foremans of this company.  The workers do not respect their foremans, possibly because they have had several since working for Treadway, and the foremans feel as though they have had zero training in order to be better prepared for their job.  Where does upper management come into play in this head-to-head situation between the foremans and their workers?  I believe upper management should take some initiative and figure out how to keep turnover low along with their HR manager, and that includes working with their foremans in order to become better leaders.

One hiccup in my recommendation, however, is that most of the upper management employees are promoted former formans!  In essence, how can they help the current foremans, if they were once making the same mistakes?  This could work to Treadway’s advantage, and disadvantage.  I do believe a training needs to be done for not only the foremans, but their workers as well.  Treadway’s workers should not be disrespecting their formans, and the foremans should be better leaders.  In order for the foremans to be more available to their employees, some things need to come off their plates.  Again, upper management and HR should be helping them out.  Especially upper management when it comes to dealing with the Union, and especially HR when it comes to administrative duties.   

Any time a company can promote from within, as long as the employee is motivated, educated, and seeks longevity, it is great.  However, if the company is promoting just to promote, to fill positions, that’s when you run into a huge problem.  I think outside talent mixed with current employees makes the best recipe for success in a business.  If most of the company’s top employees have worked their way up, it is essential proper training is mandated to keep them fresh on the job.  I also think the workers need to be treated better in order to create future leaders.  All new hires should have college degrees, no exceptions, and this will hopefully get the promotion domino-effect a head start.


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